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Skills Ranked by proficiency and years of study.

Graphic Design Java OOP HTML5 CSS 3D Modeling Texturing Javascript MYSQL Linux Python Animation Agile Development Game Design C++ CUDA PHP

Knave Javascript, Pixi.js, Game Design

All art and programming for Knave was done by Brandon over the course of a year. Knave is an Idle-RPG-Adventure game with almost 50 levels, different playable races, dozens of adorable monsters and a leveling system.

Source Demo

Abominable Python, 3D Models, Panda3D

Childrens 3D Platforming game made for a semester long Game Design course. Worked in a group of five using weekly Agile Sprints and a Scrum backlog. Brandon assisted in Core Programming and produced all visuals including textures and animations. The class was taught by Dr. Brian Ladd who previously worked for Epic Games.


D&D Assister Javascript, Howler.js

A simple dice roller, loot generator, note taker and sound-board program for assisting in Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper games.


Quoridor Java, Networking

Full featured Quoridor game completed with a group of five peers using Test Guided Development for a Software Engineering class. Brandon contributed heavily to the core features, server-client architecture and Artificial Intelligence.


Swim a Mile Site Bootstrap, Databases

Brandon worked with two clients at Hospice and Palative Care to design a modern and user friendly site for their Swim a Mile for Hospice charity event. Learned to use Bootstrap for webdesign and integrated Hospice's swimmer database.


Copter Central Bootstrap, PHP, MYSQL

A full-stack mock website that sells Quadcopters and their accessories. Brandon built it in two weeks as part of an advanced databases course. It uses PHP and MYSQL to query the databases, track users and their purchases.


Bear-con Webmin Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS

Brandon maintained this events website for five years up until 2016 when he rebuilt it with boostrap and trained a replacement. Bear-con is a video game and anime convention hosted by SUNY Potsdam and usually brings in around a hundred and fifty people annually.


Enigma Cracker C, CUDA

Distrbutivly computed, multifunctional tool for simulated enciphering and deciphering of WW2 Enigma style ciphers using NVIDIA computer clusters. Created for a high performance computing project class, Brandon researched, designed and programmed on his own over the course of the semester..


Pygmy Python, Databases, MYSQL

Simple program for creating and managing small Databases stored in flat files that can be opened and edited in Excel. Input is designed to emulate MYSQL and be very speedy on tiny personel Databases.


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